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As licensed realtors, we can handle every part of your estate liquidation including the real estate so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Real Estate Auctions are typically facilitated much more quickly than going through a standard realtor, avoiding the months of back and forth experienced in regular real estate transactions.

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6200 Lane 17 Ordway 81063
Carlson Family Trust Water and Real Estate Auction
717 Quandary St Flagler CO 80815 SOLD
150 Makah Lane Lyons CO
7251 S Quintero St Foxfield CO
6508 Westchase Ct. Fort Collins CO 80528
Wrigley Retirement Auction-SOLD
Estate of Rick Hunt & Hunt Family LLC SOLD - $15,186,050.00
 Turn A Monumental Task Into An Easy, Profitable, And Exciting Process

Hi Aaron - Hope this finds you well, happy, and prosperous. Just wanted to tell you first how impressed I am with everything you and your team did for me. You guys really made selling off my estate items easy and as painless as possible.  A special mention goes to Jake, who was always there when I (or Tony) needed him. He was truly outstanding in every regard! Also have to say that Lee, for the firearms auction; and James, for the Shelby auction, were both great also. You have a GREAT staff.

- Liz

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