About PAcific Auction

Our History

Pacific Auction is a family business that started over 40 years ago when OJ Pratt came from southern Illinois with a few hundred dollars in his pocket and a dream to own an auction business of his own. Gus Pacific founded our company in 1976. On a handshake deal OJ purchased the auction with a promise to keep the Pacific Auction name. Pacific Auction began as an old time auction house with a sale every Wednesday night and a Saturday morning farm auction. Over the years the company has done 1000’s of auctions and gained experience in selling any and every asset that can be imagined. From Tea Cups to Airplanes, Jewelry to 1000 acre ranches, WE SELL EVERYTHING.

Pacific Auction offers customized solutions for any auction of any type and size. From online auctions to live auctions we have staff specialists in many areas. Benefit events, business liquidations, specialty collections, farm and ranch, Public auto auctions, Collector cars, antiques, sportsman auctions, and anything else that needs to be sold. With over 40 years of experience we care to provide the best possible experience for our seller and our buyers.

Thousands of buyers have joined our network and we would love to have you! Join our mailing list for upcoming auctions to receive information about upcoming auctions. Every week we have exciting new auctions where you can bid online from the comfort of your own home or attend the live auction.

We are still a family business. We care about what we do. Our experience allows us to handle major auctions and our personal touch and attention adds that old time auction feel. We are excited to help you buy or sell and proud of what we offer.



Orville conducts his first auction in rural Missouri. He and a cousin, Vernon Phillips, hauled tools and more from a St. Louis Pawn shop to a field on Carac’s farm. After the auction was set and the sale bills distributed, Orville asked his older and wiser cousin who would be conducting the auction he was surprised to learn that 20 year old Orville was the auctioneer.


OJ began working at Morse Auction. As a 12 year old he would listen to Orville Sr sell an item, remember the sale price, collect the cash from the buyer and deliver the funds to the cashier. Morse Auction held auctions every Friday and Saturday evening.  Starting at 6 and sometimes running until Midnight.  OJ learned many valuable skills as a Morse Auction worker like developing a “head for numbers” as his Grandpa Evans called it. OJ also learned about buying and selling at time, he found an antique wicker baby buggy in the neighbor’s trash, cleaned and shined it, took it to the auction and sold it for $4. He was hooked. Another neighbor gave him a refrigerator, carted it home on a 2 wheeler, took to the auction and sold for $12- He was in business!


OJ Purchases Pacific Auction from Gus Pacific for cash, a Corvair Convertible a house, and a Promise to keep the name Pacific Auction forever.


Carol begins working Wednesday nights and brings her 6 year old son to run clerking sheets to the office.  Soon OJ, Carol, and Aaron would become the family business.  Aaron begins his auction career as a 6 year old carrying clerk sheets. Over the next 30 years he works in all aspects of auction management. He is currently the Director of operations.


At the urging of his mentor and auction legend, Chuck Bohn, OJ joins the Colorado Auctioneers Association.


Another family member, nephew, Jacob Norris joins the team.  He started by working summers coming and eventually moving from Illinois to join the family business.  Jake attended hundreds of auctions with Grandpa Orville. The auction business is in his blood


OJ is elected to the board of Directors of the Colorado Auctioneers association.  Serving in various capacities on the board OJ becomes the president in 2015, Chairman of the Board in 2016 and currently serves as the President of the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation.


Pacific Auction upgrades their online auction platform and capabilities with proprietary software and personnel to become a leader in online auctions as well as a top selling live auction company.

Our Team


OJ is a leader in the auction industry and long time owner of Pacific Auction. With thousands of auctions and millions of dollars in assets sold, he is by far the most experienced auctioneer in the state of Colorado and a true expert in every auction scenario.


Carol is the heart and soul of Pacific Auction. Carol helped build and manage Pacific Auction hand in hand with OJ. Now proudly in retirement, Carol has turned her focus to farming Lavender and raising bees.


Aaron has been with Pacific Auction most of his life. As a family member he grew up sweeping auction floors, loading trucks, and working his way up to become a long time leader at Pacific Auction. He is now responsible of all business operations and available at any time to assist you in any need you may have. Aaron is also a specialist in evaluations of onsite and online auction solutions.


Jake has been with Pacific Auction for 15 years, as a member of the family, he started working summers in high school eventually becoming a key member and leader of Pacific Auction. Jake is responsible for all estate, online, and live auctions as well as auction value estimates, transportation, and shipping. When we handle your personal property, be assured there is someone trusted with experience and care working carefully to treat your estate delicately and professionally.


Elva is skilled member on our auto sales on our team and available to assist you in all aspects of your car buying or selling process. With over 5 years of experience, Elva is an auto title expert available to assist in all title related questions and concerns. She is always able to bring a smile and expertise to the car buying and selling process.


Lee is a long time member of Pacific Auction and has been building relationships with consignors for many years and consistently bringing top collections to our buyers. He is a specialist in coins, jewelry, and rare artifacts. Also, Lee assembles our extensive sportsman auctions making Pacific Auction a premier destination for buying and selling of firearms, fishing, taxidermy, military artifacts, and more. Lee is also a skilled appraiser to help you determine auction values for your special collections.